Learning Materials

MediaWatch game

MediaWatch is an award-winning learning game to teach critical graph reading for adolescents. Many adolescents seem to struggle with interpreting, particularly misleading graphs. The game can be easily played by the Internet browser without any accounts. The first version of the game includes geographic issues, and the entire game can be played in less than half an hour.

Trailer of the MediaWatch.
MediaWatch game (select the English language)

Evaluation tool

The purpose of the evaluation tool is to support adolescents in critical online reading. The tool helps readers pay attention to different factors (author, venue, intentions, evidence, and corroboration) affecting the credibility of online texts, as well as the depth of their evaluations. The tool includes a scoring rubric (0 to 2) for students’ justifications and authentic examples of upper secondary school students’ justifications for credibility. Pedagogical tips for using the tool are also provided.

Credibility evaluation cards

Credibility evaluation cards can be applied to enhance the critical reading skills of primary school students but are also applicable to older students. Both card series include three short messages concerning animals. Students are tasked to give stars (1 to 5) to the author expertise, intentions, and evidence. However, more important than the given stars is to discuss with students how they justify their credibility evaluations and how the credibility of the texts can be compared.